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ZaraRadio is one of the bests computer aidded boadcasting systems
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Zara Radio is an awsome and complete radio programming and scheduler software with full automation for any kind of radio broadcasting from your computer. It performs all the features a radio station manager could dream... and more!

With Zara Radio, you can schedule each and every broadcasting step from your computer: create playlists and queue list, define time and weather automated announcements (time synchonized with your computer's clock, and weather, if you download and install it, with Weather Watcher) and jingles, talk over for live shows. Also, it allows you to do overlapping, voicetraking, enable tags, configure fades, use several formats for audio files and playlists.

Moreover, it has other useful features: password-protection for settings, silence detection, DTMF tone detector, support for up to 5 different soundcards at the same time, logs system, automatic audio-playlist files detection, rotation, and autodelete, etc. Even, you can connect directly and "resend" any web radiostation, directly!

This software could be considered as a dream which came true!

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Full broadcasting system, and free!
  • You need no more


  • Just one: lack of direct connection for webcasting
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